Link Building and Social Media for SEO improvement

In addition to optimizing the On Page Blog and Web, which is no less important is to increase the SEO Blog & Web from the outside (Off Page). This Off Page is a technique you should not miss alias very important (how many times have I said this). In the meantime, you can visit to get the recommended SEO services.

Link Building

Link Building is also often referred to as Backlink, but with a broader context, if Backlink only focuses on looking for links that lead to our blog, but Link Building should, that is more concerned with the quality than the quantity. Link building technique itself I have explained clearly in the article I wrote earlier.

Social Media

Social Media (Social Networking) is also often referred to as Social Signal, meaning the more popular sites in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, the opportunity to occupy Ranked 1 in Google will also be greater.

The social signal itself is not necessarily based on the three social networks mentioned above, but also from the Path for example. Interested in knowing what social networks can improve your blog ranking? please enjoy 7 New and Most Popular Social Networking Sites.

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