Saving money when you’re eating at a fancy restaurant

Various restaurants from Asia to Western spread in the country. The price also varies, ranging from affordable to expensive. For those of you who want to enjoy various culinary in your city or town with a frugal price, then there are some tricks that can be done. Cheap food tricks in this luxury restaurant you can directly practice every month. Meanwhile, you can also visit to know the prices of menus from a recommended restaurant.

Ordering Main Menu

Not only full satiety, ordering the main menu at the beginning can be a trick for you to save without having to order appetizers. After enjoying the main menu of course you will not “hungry eyes” to taste snacks or other appetizers.

Order Mineral Water

When you want to taste the menu at the restaurant, definitely the food that becomes your core choice. For that, choose a drink that does not need expensive, just with mineral water. Generally, mineral water prices in restaurants are cheaper than other beverages.

Buying Desserts at Other Places

Sometimes, you are tempted to order dessert. However, not infrequently the price is enough to drain the pocket with a small size. Rather than pay dearly for desserts, you better buy desserts elsewhere that are cheaper.

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