Two Types of Stains It’s Very Difficult to Clean If Sticking On The Carpet

Carpets are certainly a rung of stairs that are widely used by everyone in their homes. Carpets can be used for many things, especially for the footwear or chairs that you have at home. But what if the carpet is dirty? You certainly have to take the trouble to clean it up. But actually, to clean it, there is that can clean your carpet very clean and can be comfortable to use again.

Often used to make carpets filled with dust and various things that can stick on it. There is some dirt that usually sticks on the carpet in your house, like

1. Pet Fur
You who have pets will usually be very disturbed by the fur that often stuck to the carpet. Especially for carpets that have a soft texture because it has a lot of hair, pet hair will be very difficult to remove.

You definitely eat a lot of food in your home, from greasy foods to sweet foods that contain lots of sugar. If you consume two types of foods, you should avoid taking them on the carpet because it will be very difficult to clean.


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