Indoor Air Can Gross 5 Times Fold, It’s How To Prevent It

The use of air conditioner would be a must for those who have houses in the city center. This is because a variety of dust and hot air can be very disturbing their activities. If the air conditioner you have is dirty and needs to be cleaned, then you will need aircon servicing in order to clean it with a maximum.

Perhaps, many people are not paying attention to this because they think that the air inside the house is clean air and not a lot of disturbing dirt. In fact, the air inside the house can be 5 times dirtier than outside the house. there are several ways you can do to clean the air in the house, like

1. Opening Window
By opening the window, you can keep the air clean at home. you can let the oxygen that is outside the house into your house freely. By opening the window for 5-10 minutes then you can remove the carbon dioxide in the room.

2. Cleaning Air Conditioner
In the air conditioner you use, there are many bacteria that precipitate because the filter is not replaced. For that, clean the air conditioner periodically.