Preparation tips for those who go umrah for the first time

Prepare mentally and also face other things. Do not let us complain so much do not sincerely in living it Prepare also your mentals to face various things, such as toilet facilities, facing the behavior of foreigners because all the people from the world gathered there. Meanwhile, you might need to visit to know a highly-recommended umrah and hajj travel agent that can help you professionally. By choosing the right travel agent, your umrah travel will be a lot more convenient.

Learning Discipline

It seems that you also need to learn the habits in Mecca and Medina and find out also the habits of people there. You can come early before the obligatory prayer to find a place to pray. Usually, the travel agent has arranged everything, now you stay disciplined to follow the series of worship


Make sure not to have luggage left behind, especially those that are often needed in an emergency. For example like drugs, mobile charger, etc.