Some of These Illnesses You Can Get If You Do not Take Care Of Teeth And Avoid Plaque

In the human body, there are certainly many parts that must always be treated. One part that should not be forgotten to get treatment is the teeth. You can do dental treatment in the dentist bronx ny. In doing dental treatment, you should be able to choose the right treatment to get maximum results.

If you do not take care of your teeth and clean your teeth properly, then plaque just sticks to your teeth. In fact, there are some diseases that are caused by the plaque. some of these diseases are

– Tooth decay or rot if left untreated and spread to the pulp in the middle of the tooth and cause a toothache and abscess.

– Calculus. This is a layer of hardened plaque like cement that cannot be removed with a toothbrush

– Gingivitis. This is an inflammation of the gum that makes the gums red, swollen and sore.

– Periodontitis. It is an infection of the gums that spread and causes tooth decay around the jaw.