The “Beast”: A limo which served has served Obama

In the time of Barack Obama, Cadillac One car or commonly called The Beast became the vehicle of choice. Like a facility for the head of state, The Beast has such a sophisticated specification to protect the president from potential threats whenever possible. The Beast is a vehicle that will go wherever Obama goes, whether the president is in it or riding in another vehicle. Aside from that, if you need to hire a limo for your special occasions, then visit and choose the best Limousine that you like.

Compiled from various sources, here are 3 facts The Beast:

1. Glass window contained in The Beast has a thickness of 5-6 inches. But the thickness of the glass is different in the driver’s seat which is only about 2.75 inches designed so that the driver can talk to the Secret Service without moving from behind the wheel. The Beast’s window glass is also resistant to bombings and sharp bullets.

2. The Cadillac One’s door has a thickness of 8 inches, 3 inches thicker than the Bush-era presidency. One of the most interesting is the weight of this door is as heavy as the door of the Boeing 757 cabin. This door is also coated steel to withstand the bullet rate.

3. Cars that belong to this limousine rumored impenetrable by air strikes though. The feature was made to anticipate chemical gas attacks.