Looking for Leather Belt for Men: Things to Know

Choosing a fashion item for men, especially men’s belts, it often makes dizzy. First off, you should know the purpose of wearing pasek as said before. Furthermore, you can deal with the things you should keep in mind to get the best belt, especially the one made of leather.

The size of a man’s belt will greatly affect the overall appearance. The simple formula for a man’s belt is, the smaller the diameter of the belt, the more formal the impression to be imaged. In other words, if you want to look more casual, use a belt with a wider diameter. This is influenced by the size of the belt hole on the pants. Formal material pants usually have smaller belt holes. For more casual pants such as chino, the size of the larger belt hole is larger. When dressed in a formal, a good belt should be a few inches long past the buckle after being fastened, at least able to pass the first retaining ring, or simply be tucked into the loop found on the belt if present. If necessary, cut or traverse past the buckle in a hidden opposite direction rather than allowing the tip of the belt to wrap around your hips both times. For casual styles, the way to wear a belt is much more flexible, but still, the end of the belt that is too long to dangle back in excess will definitely look weird. Formal waistband usually has size like the size of pants. Choose a size 2-3 numbers above the size of your pants. For example, if you wear size 34 “pants, usually a 36” -38 “sash belt would be perfect for you. The best if you try directly before buying. Try it by wearing it properly, not just wrap it around your waist.

Have you noticed that there is a man’s belt on the edge of the stitches, and in other belts do not? If you’ve never noticed, this is there because of causality, you know. The belt that has stitches on the edges of the skin is used for formal appearance, whereas the no seams are used for a more casual impression.