Know The Variety Of Food For The Immune System

Human immunity must have its own limits. If the limit has passed, then they may fall ill and feel that their health is declining. For that, taking supplements that contain nitric oxide is a must do because it can boost immunity.

In addition to taking supplements, you can also consume some foods that can make the immune system increases. Some types of food in question is

– Ginger
Ginger contains potent antimicrobial ingredients and can avoid you to catch a cold and cough. Ginger is also rich in the content of antioxidants and minerals that can keep your immune system.

– Cabbage
Cabbage contains glutamine that cannot be produced by the body itself. Therefore, cabbage is very important as a source of glutamine for our bodies, which of course can act as a resistance to the body.

– Coconut
Coconut has an abundant advantage for health. Coconut has lauric acid that converts into monolaurin. This component is a component contained in breast milk and naturally strengthens the baby’s immune system.