Symptoms Dental Damage Due to Porous Teeth

Gradual tooth decay is often not felt. This is because the pain usually appears after the condition is severe. For that, it is very important to perform regular dental examinations in dentist Markham. If the examination, generally visible cavities visible only visible as a point of black or brown. However, if the test is done X-ray cavities will be seen clearly. So do regular checks. Some of the tooth decay symptoms you may feel are:

1. Bad breath and bad taste in the mouth
2. Sensitive teeth
3. There is an increasingly severe pain if chewing or drinking something cold, hot, and sweet
4. The presence of pale white stains on the teeth

If you go to a doctor, you may get the necessary medical attention for cavities. Depending on the severity of tooth decay you are experiencing. For that, if you feel the discomfort in the teeth, you should immediately see a doctor.