The Functions of Abdominal Muscles

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The function of the abdominal muscles protects the internal organs in the abdominal and pelvic regions and provides postural support. There is no one, but some muscles are involved in the support of the abdominal area. The abdominal rectus is a large abdominal muscle in the center of the abdominal area. He controls the pelvis. The internal and external obliques are the abs muscles, which are located neighboring to the rectus abdominus. Internal stretches are tilted from the front of the guts to the back of the middle and help with playing out certain body capacities, for example, relaxing. While external obliques help in spinning motions.

Stabilization function

Together with the back muscles of the abdominal muscles stabilize our body and help us stay upright. Abdominal muscles defy the back muscles. This means that the back muscles are bending the torso of the back muscles and the stomach is bent forward. The balance between the two keeps us upright.

Motor function

The motor function comes directly from the stabilization function. Abdominal muscles make us do many movements such as lifting the body from the position of sleep to a sitting position, rotate the torso, and move the hip.

Protective functions

Abdominal muscles and ribs protect internal organs and keep them in the body. They protect the delicate organ from injury from the outside. So, next time when you are struck by the ball kicked by your neighbor’s son, your intestines will remain safe thanks to the abdominal muscles.

Additional functions

Our stomach muscles also have additional functions. As they stretch and shrink they allow for many physiological functions to take place. For example, breathing and talking.

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